30 thoughts on “Cornwall, I miss you..

    1. Thanks John! Yes, interestingly I noticed some similarities too, but only afterwards – this idea of a small inhabited space in a larger one, and the melding of greys and colours..and thankyou for leading me to Harry Gruyaert – loved what I saw – and I can see why you thought of it (though v flattering! ) loved the beach work..

  1. Still really loving your distant beachcombers–they’re wonderful!
    Some of your images bring to mind Harry Gruyaert’s work on the French coast twenty years ago…with a different palette.

    1. Thankyou – the two men in number 3 seemed such great characters, and I loved to see them with the sea and the feather to the front, felt somehow meant to be..!

    1. Thankyou! Some day I’d love to do a longer project there. I can’t get down as often as I’d like but it always holds a place in my heart..

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