Memories of Forests and Growing Small (pt2)

0887_Tree Line_72b


Take a walk through the woods with me and stand for a moment to listen..

. . .

. . .

Storybook - Wire

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. . .

“Memories of Forests and Growing Small” is a (very) short tune I wrote in a similar spirit that I often start with also when taking photographs or improvising music; to focus, steady myself and try to find the essence of the subject as it feels to me at the time…

I took these photographs a while back now but I can still feel that day somehow, and it inspired this little tune.


White Branch



A white branch for December! Even though we hardly ever get snow down here, I still can’t help but imagine it. It’s been ages since I’ve sat and worked on things like this, so I’m feeling a little rusty..! This is one of about 7 versions that I’m toying with.

This branch has last year and next in its branch and seeds, so it seemed right for now!

Wishing you warmth, friendship and love, through December and on.


New terms

Airy border Rosemoor_72

A garden in between

rosemoor 16, whites_72

Last whites..


Dartmoor in September

This shift from August to September is one of my favourite times, especially out on the hills..the purple and green of heather, the yellow (and scent!!) of the gorse, the light spikes and smear of grasses, and the changing skies. And there’s something about knowing that these places have gone through all this since they began, and you’re only catching a part of it.

I’ve been studying for a diploma in horticulture over the past year and it’s made me feel somehow even more connected to the things growing all around us. I remember that I am surrounded by and a part of the whole of things, from the tiniest ant to the largest tree.

I wonder if  looking through a lens or writing about these things will feel different, in the same way that knowing about a person helps a portrait?





I never realised cabbages could be beautiful!

It was hard to work out the light and blur in this one – too much dark and it was too cabbagey, too light and it lost its structure..hoping I’ve found a happy medium..!