Bleached Branch



A winter branch for December! Even though we hardly ever get snow down here, I still can’t help but imagine it. It’s been ages since I’ve sat and worked on things like this, so I’m feeling a little rusty..! This is one of about 7 versions that I’m toying with.

This branch has last year and next in its branch and seeds, so it seemed right for now!

Wishing you warmth, friendship and love, through December and on.


8 thoughts on “Bleached Branch

  1. I’m always happy to see something from you in the inbox; I know it will be interesting. And this is. The uplift and reach of the image marries well with your message – and I’m glad there is contentment, if even momentarily!

  2. Wishing you the same! Always a joy to read your posts and your images are always thoughtful and moving. I liked the sensory aspect to this post too – right now I can smell loving aromas coming from my kitchen (not my cooking, alas!) but that is just everything that this season is about, I think. Enjoy, Emilyx

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