Memories of Forests and Growing Small (pt2)

0887_Tree Fig2_Square

. . .


“Memories of Forests and Growing Small” is a (very) short tune I wrote in a similar spirit that I often start with when taking photographs; to focus, steady myself and try to capture something of the moment just as it is at that time. I hope it brings you the peace of the forest!

8 thoughts on “Memories of Forests and Growing Small (pt2)

    1. Hello! Lovely to hear from you again, and thanks! It’s so nice to think of having sent that to you..

    1. You are so more than welcome! Thank you for listening! (Sorry, I did reply to you ages ago but I’ve just seen that it must not have posted..)

  1. And how did I miss this exquisite post? There music, the photos, even the text…they all ask me to slow down and attend to the world, just as it is. That’s always the best way.

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