Dramatic Dusk



The rain has not stopped this week..the first few days were charmingly cosy, but now it is getting really boring and I’ll admit I have been feeling a little bleak of heart.

I long for a beautifully warm sun drenched field, or to stroke my toes through a deserted burning beach, or to be somewhere on the water, somewhere warm and blue..

I had to find some beauty..

As much as I love flowers, I’ve never really managed to capture them in a way that makes me happy.. somehow they just don’t work for me. But the other night, as the light went down, they just looked so dramatic and gorgeous, colours shimmering from the rain, doing their very best to please us, that I couldn’t help but try and make something of them.

It turns out that my lens just LOVES the dusk! It seems to be most happy in shade and shadow, and helped me to find this dark brooding shot of my night time flowers..some colour in the black..

I was cheered and reminded of something that my mum wrote in one of my memories books one time years ago:

“keep your eyes on the stars, but never forget the flowers at your feet”





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