White Branch



A white branch for December! Even though we hardly ever get snow down here, I still can’t help but imagine it. It’s been ages since I’ve sat and worked on things like this, so I’m feeling a little rusty..! This is one of about 7 versions that I’m toying with.

This branch has last year and next in its branch and seeds, so it seemed right for now!

Wishing you warmth, friendship and love, through December and on.






I never realised cabbages could be beautiful!

It was hard to work out the light and blur in this one – too much dark and it was too cabbagey, too light and it lost its structure..hoping I’ve found a happy medium..!




I took this photograph a while back now, but I was interested to see what else I might be able to do with it.

This is very different to my usual shots, I mostly tend to avoid such dramatics with landscape – often to me I find the places can end up seeming not quite believable, not as they feel.. I felt inspired to try something new though, so here’s my experiment! I’m kind of pleased with the dark wildness of it, and the highlights on the stone..I’m a little unsure about the sky – this is the actual sky, as it was, but I think I need to work a little more at the edges..

Just for interest, here is my original – such a very different mood!


1303_brick line_72


p.s. I hope you don’t mind the randomness here at the moment – just little thoughts while I’m in and out of other things, but it’s nice to keep a post going every now and then.


0887_Tree Line_figure_72


I was excited last weekend to find that my music and photographs were featured on Elsa Mora’s generous and lovely blog, Art is a Way.

I’ve been a huge admirer of Elsa’s work for several years now – her intricate papercut work and other fantastic creations are so inspiring.  I feel really honoured to be listed there!

The first featured image was one that I had kind of put to the back of my mind, and it was nice to be reminded of it. It inspired me to give this small girl a new view..