16 thoughts on “More beach figures..

  1. Very nice! I like the fact that you have chosen to capture the scene in a “portrait” format. The vertical framing echos the natural vertical of the people in the images.

    1. Thanks Steve – yes I experimented with portrait and landscape and portrait won every time..glad you think it worked!

  2. Beautiful. When you are far enough from the figures it could be 1962 as easily as 2012, especially when captured in black and white!

  3. Lovely shots. I take an over abundance of shots whenever I’m at the beach because it is so infrequent (once a year, twice if luck is on my side). It is one of my most favorite places to shoot. I agree with Graham that the distance and the B&W give these shots a timeless quality.

    1. Thanks John – yes the same lens – I think as my camera isn’t full frame it behaves a little differently..I love seeing tiny specks of people in wide landscapes..

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