The Voices



I thought I might post a little of my other life!

This is a work in progress. It is a sound collage, made from old tape recordings that I took of family and friends reading from a Yoko Ono poem, over the space of a few weeks, some years ago. The piece will eventually be used as a soundtrack to a visual work, so this is it in half form..and I think there will be some alterations. But the general idea is there.

These pieces are a study of friendship and family, and the voices and words that surround us at every moment of our lives. This is a snapshot of a moment in time, and how the sounds and voices that surround that time define it. As voices change through the years, the sound of them finds new resonance – some feel tender and fragile as we feel them disappear from our lives, as people and situations grow and change. Hearing someone reading something unrelated to them from a page forces you to hear the voice as itself, as somehow to hear the pure person. A voice will alter with age and experiences, both in how words are spoken and the meanings that they become imbued with, becoming interlaced with memory and change.

Working on this piece has been a very emotional experience!


6 thoughts on “The Voices

  1. What an interestng idea. Occasionally I”ll get a call from someone I used to know well, like a relative I was close as a child but drifted away from. I won’t recognize their voice at all! I’ll have to let them keep talking until they give away who they are away. It’s a very odd experinece. I don’t know if its because their voice has changed or the memory of their voice has completely faded.

    1. Thanks Susan for your thoughts..yes I find it really interesting how a voice changes, and also our responses to it – when I took these recordings I just heard people I knew reading a poem, in that way that you just think people will be around for ever, it was just them reading at the things are a little more fragile and relationships have changed, the voices mean something very different to me. I can also hear the real person behind the words now, whereas then I didn’t..I think we can get so used to hearing certain people that we sometimes don’t “hear” them any more..if that all makes sense..! I’m also really interested in that sudden feeling of preciousness that attaches itself to hearing someone speak, if we know we are about to lose them, and may not hear that voice again.

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