Early Morning Ice

I woke up really early today – the air was crystal clear, and the ground was covered in frost, so I had this crazy idea that I should go up onto Dartmoor to take some pictures. Sometimes the mist up there is incredible and I thought I might get some great shots..really it was just an excuse to have an early morning adventure! Firstly though, our car wouldn’t start, so I had to get it going again (in the dark) with the battery charger..so when I’d got up there, I’d sort of missed the sunrise..and secondly, it wasn’t frosty, it was drizzly. (Dartmoor has it’s own weather, always).

I went out anyway though for a walk – it was so lovely to be there, all on my own, with the icy wind waking me up..quite a way to start the day..I really wanted to capture something visually that would bring across that feeling of silence and space..but nothing really did..

So I’ll leave you with this lovely lonely road…miles of no-one..bliss!