My Home

is in a thousand things

it is where you are

now, soft asleep

it is

where we lay

years ago, moons ago

when we woke up

at the same time in the morning

facing each others eyes.

Before all this

and still now

it groans in the wind of the hills

and in the aching of lovers lost

and it is in the mourning

and in the living

it is down that street

where the cat fought the fox

it is in your legs


on the line

it is in

the growing of things

from warm soil

from seed, that grows seeds

that fly away

It rests abroad, in other hearts, too,

forgotten, sometimes,

remembered, often.

It is in trees, green and orange

it is in leaves, new and fallen

and yes, it is in the wind

on the grasses

here now

stroking the lines from my face

I have always been

more at home

in the small moments

of everywhere


only in one place

and that,

whilst precarious,

is surely


a comfort.


© C. Rennie 2013

Keep it Simple






Looking back over the past few months, the work I’ve enjoyed most, alongside my beach studies, has been the studio work – still life, scenes and portraits.

Shooting this way feels focussed and absorbing. I lose myself, and time just flies by!

I thought this might be a good way to go here for a while..keep it simple..and maybe I can tell some stories along the way..

I wanted to keep these calm and uncluttered, making a star of this little bowl.

It’s the most perfect blue..sky and sea and bird egg..