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This past two weeks, I was excited to collaborate with the fantastic visual artist, Elena Caravela. Both of us exchanged work, for the other to add to and manipulate, creating something new.

Part 1: Adolescence and Thorn.

A few of Elena’s Bird-Children figures flew from her hands to mine..

In this piece I have combined Elena’s wonderful watercolour figure and birds from her Adolescence work, with photographic work from my Threads photographs. On viewing the bird’s inquisitive beaks, these thorns came immediately to mind. There is a huge sense of both vulnerability and defiant strength that sings out from the figure, which I have tried to engage with. Here we have caught her at a defining moment, in which anything may turn..

It was a great learning experience for me to work in this way! Travel over to Elena’s blog to see the work that she has undertaken in this project!


© C.E. Rennie/Elena Caravela, 2013