New terms

Airy border Rosemoor_72

A garden in between

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Last whites..


Dartmoor in September

This shift from August to September is one of my favourite times, especially out on the hills..the purple and green of heather, the yellow (and scent!!) of the gorse, the light spikes and smear of grasses, and the changing skies. And there’s something about knowing that these places have gone through all this since they began, and you’re only catching a part of it.

I’ve been studying for a diploma in horticulture over the past year and it’s made me feel somehow even more connected to the things growing all around us. I remember that I am surrounded by and a part of the whole of things, from the tiniest ant to the largest tree.

I wonder if  looking through a lens or writing about these things will feel different, in the same way that knowing about a person helps a portrait?

Movement in Orange and Gold



I’ve had too much time indoors these past few weeks, so this week I’ve been more out and about.

I’d been eyeing this pathway for a long while, wanting to explore it. Driving past yesterday, I had to stop.

It was spectacular – blurs and lines of gold, grey and green, air and honey. Apple juice.

Leaf mould, twig, light and star shaped moss.

Crackles that make you jump and turn. Breath a little high in your body. Whispers.

Music, everywhere.