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This is a re-worked image from last year. I had originally thought it worked best in black and white, but I was excited to see what happened to them in colour. Somehow the mood seems intensified to me with the colour remaining, and I like to see that flash of yellow..


© C. Rennie





My Home

is in a thousand things

it is where you are

now, soft asleep

it is

where we lay

years ago, moons ago

when we woke up

at the same time in the morning

facing each others eyes.

Before all this

and still now

it groans in the wind of the hills

and in the aching of lovers lost

and it is in the mourning

and in the living

it is down that street

where the cat fought the fox

it is in your legs


on the line

it is in

the growing of things

from warm soil

from seed, that grows seeds

that fly away

It rests abroad, in other hearts, too,

forgotten, sometimes,

remembered, often.

It is in trees, green and orange

it is in leaves, new and fallen

and yes, it is in the wind

on the grasses

here now

stroking the lines from my face

I have always been

more at home

in the small moments

of everywhere


only in one place

and that,

whilst precarious,

is surely


a comfort.


© C. Rennie 2013



0814_Caught_Elena4_added wing_final oval_72


This past two weeks, I was excited to collaborate with the fantastic visual artist, Elena Caravela. Both of us exchanged work, for the other to add to and manipulate, creating something new.

Part 1: Adolescence and Thorn.

A few of Elena’s Bird-Children figures flew from her hands to mine..

In this piece I have combined Elena’s wonderful watercolour figure and birds from her Adolescence work, with photographic work from my Threads photographs. On viewing the bird’s inquisitive beaks, these thorns came immediately to mind. There is a huge sense of both vulnerability and defiant strength that sings out from the figure, which I have tried to engage with. Here we have caught her at a defining moment, in which anything may turn..

It was a great learning experience for me to work in this way! Travel over to Elena’s blog to see the work that she has undertaken in this project!


© C.E. Rennie/Elena Caravela, 2013

Postcard Progress


A few weeks ago, I invited people to take part in a small project. Having been inspired by a postcard exchange I had taken part in with Stephen MacInnis in May last year, I wanted to do a similar thing again on a slighter larger scale. And so I sent out a collection of cards that I had printed to various corners of the globe, hoping to hear some news of their arrival.

Here are a couple of pictures of a few of their adventures – so exciting to see them in their new spaces..more to come!


From Exeter, UK to…


Puppy postcard arrived and newly homed with Antoinette in Oregon, USA..




Small trees, sitting happily on a desk with artist Sydney Lancaster in Alberta, Canada..

(p.s. I’ve just seen that Sydney has just posted about this on her blog today too!)









nathan 5_72Exploring all corners in the middle of Kansas, USA, in the workspaces of Nathan Filbert and Holly Suzanne.


Thanks so much to everyone for taking part – this is an ongoing project too, so if you would like me to send you a postcard, get in touch! You can read the initial posts here and here.




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Holding 6_72


I’ve been printing little cards of my most recent pictures. It’s great to hold them all in my hands, little collections. There’s something comforting about them. I only have a cheap old printer at the moment, so they are not perfect, but they are lovely to hold.

I had a small idea that it might be fun to post some of these to different people, and also to leave some about out in the world for strangers to pick up and hopefully take home and/or share.

The idea would be that I would have details on the back stating that this is a postcard to share or keep, and to ask the recipient to let me know that they have it in some way, maybe take a photograph of it when it arrives, and email that to me, so that I can take account of my cards travels..then if that person would like to send it to someone else, as a gift, for them to photograph too, it would keep them on their journey.

I would then post these travelling card pictures on a blog page.

Do you like this idea? Would you like me to send you one? If so, leave me your details on my contact form, I would love to send you a picture and watch it travel!

(p.s. I won’t tell you when I am about to send it, so it would be a surprise..:) )


Eyelash Hearts




0540_small hearts_72



small hearts2_72.

I was so excited to see these little flowers shoot out from my eyelash plant a few weeks ago. They form at the end of long spikes, in small clusters.

I’ve had the plant for nearly ten years, and didn’t even know that it flowered, but I moved it to a windowsill recently, and it must have liked it.

These are tiny blooms, about half a centimetre each little heart, so I needed my macro lens. I am working on some in black and whites, as I just love their shape and form, but I couldn’t resist sharing these now just as they are, with their delicate icecream blush..you’d almost think it was Summer to look at them!


© C. Rennie, 2013