Songwriting and Composition

Singer/Songwriter work (as Cathryn Stone):




“Cathryn built a rapport with the audience straight away, her unique voice telling stories of restless travelling. The atmosphere was great, the venue packed to the rafters, and far too small for the fab talent oozing out of these acts..””

Brighton Festival Fringe

“Effortless vocal clarity and pursuit of melody. A voice of such rare quality. One to watch.”

The Latest

“White Sun, Dark Moon” is available for sale from:

iTunes , BandcampCDbaby and


Thanks for listening!

20 thoughts on “Songwriting and Composition

  1. Gorgeous and soothing voice Cath.. all lyrically strengthened as well, I’m glad I was able to enjoy your wonderful music! You are talented ^_^

  2. Awesome! your songs are so beautiful. What a great voice. Your voice remind me Edie Brickell, congrats Cath.

    1. Only just seen this comment Elena – thankyou so much, and I’m glad that you enjoyed it! More to come soon I hope! 🙂

  3. Just beautiful!! You always were the most amazing, creative and beautiful person, good to see nothing has changed. Xx

  4. You are a fantastic artist, your music is very plaisant, relaxing, I love your composition, voice and the photos! Sorry my english is basic 🙂

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