15 thoughts on “Changing Light

  1. Most folks comment on the changes in foliage as the seasons progress, but I like your perception of the changes in the light. After all, photography really is all about light.

    1. Hi Gary – the colours haven’t quite begun to change yet, but I really noticed the light – it’s just a beautiful time for it, Cornish light especially!

    1. Thanks Karen – I love the changes too – one thing I love about living here are the seasonal shifts..just as you’re getting bored it starts to turn the corner..!

    1. It’s funny that Richard..I don’t know if everyone would see sadness – I’m always acutely aware of a moment I think..

      1. I think that’s the gist of it for me – you capture things that are about to disappear. It’s in the nature of photography, but I think it’s your subjects and the way you frame them that make it acute.

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