I took this photograph a while back now, but I was interested to see what else I might be able to do with it.

This is very different to my usual shots, I mostly tend to avoid such dramatics with landscape – often to me I find the places can end up seeming not quite believable, not as they feel.. I felt inspired to try something new though, so here’s my experiment! I’m kind of pleased with the dark wildness of it, and the highlights on the stone..I’m a little unsure about the sky – this is the actual sky, as it was, but I think I need to work a little more at the edges..

Just for interest, here is my original – such a very different mood!


1303_brick line_72


p.s. I hope you don’t mind the randomness here at the moment – just little thoughts while I’m in and out of other things, but it’s nice to keep a post going every now and then.

26 thoughts on “25.02.

  1. I like the drama…and the other one. I think they’re both believable. As an artist, you get to say something with your choice of how to portray your piece. Keep all the tools in your kit and use them where you think appropriate!

  2. I like them both for different reasons – there’s more romance and toughness to the original shot, but I love that boiling sense of drama in the treated version. I also like your randomness, Cath.

    1. You’re always so helpful in your comments Richard, thanks! Yes, I think the original feels more authentic to me, and to what I was trying to convey..interesting about the toughness! It’s hard to judge something until you’re sure of how to use it I think, new techniques always feel like an imitation of sorts until you know them properly I think..

  3. I adore the depth of rolling light through the first shot leading straight to those clouds, it all looks so active and puts me right in the frame, climbing that moor, following the light. The original shot reminds me of a precious faded memory . . .

  4. The original place is so beautiful and so full of possibilities that I understand it..You did it very very well…You will see…Once one starts it is difficult to stop…Also because the final result depends a lot on your mood on the moment that you are working… Keep on with it!!!

  5. Hello Cath, I found your blog via a comment you left on draw and shoot. I was interested in the name. I love this photo and though both look good because you have got a great angle on the wall, I think that the edited version has more impact and highlights the flowing shapes. Whatever, it’s nice to find your blog!

  6. Both are beautiful, Cath. The original image feels light and delicate and warmer somehow. The other image is more dramatic for sure, there is more of a sense of wind moving clouds and mystery. And as others have mentioned this really underscores how ones mood when editing can shift an image. They are our images to shift…

    1. Warmer, yes! Interesting..yes I keep trying to write something on this presence of our mood in an image..I find it quite fascinating..always so appreciate your comments Karen, thankyou! x

  7. Randomness is life…. I think it would be worth playing with a slightly more toned down sky in the first image – I love the wall and fields, the light, but what about the sky being somewhere between where it is in the two images? So many possibilities!

    1. Thanks so much for the thoughts! Yes I agree with you actually, I’d like to tone down the sky a little – it is hard to know when to stop playing – so many choices! I think I do usually feel more drawn to the images in their purest forms..maybe I always will be..but it’s good to explore!

  8. Stunning. The edits gave the image a power that was hidden in the subtlety of value shifts. Dialing up the contrast totally powered up the whole composition. The edited one sort of exclaims while the unedited one whispers.

  9. You know, I really like them both. The moods of each are emotive in their own glorious ways. It’s one of the things I love most about visual art-the varied perspectives of individual voices.

    1. It really is interesting isn’t it – thanks so much Elena – I find the same in music – and sometimes it takes a while to find the voice that is truly yours..

  10. Both images are great Cath. Obviously, the top one is much more dramatic, but I like the subtlety of the original. As always, though, it is your composition which is breathtaking.

  11. Depends on what you want to convey… both are great, but convey very different emotions. I tend to prefer the first, but this is my take on the photo, today… I don’t know how I would feel in six or nine or twelve months on the same subject. Do we ask of the great masters why they choose to paint or draw whatever they did the way they did it ? And all artists know that we all take what is ours in what they try to tell us.

  12. I too am in and out right now and playing around with the technical stuff, but don’t know much. Personally I like your original one. The subtle balance of a busy place and a space where your eye can rest is perfect.I’ve decided we have our photographs,paintings, whatever then we have a new form of art, our manipulated digital pieces. Both represent our authentic selves.

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