I’m working on some new collages at the moment. There are so many decisions to make – how much to include, what works with what, how everything you add creates an extra layer of meaning – does that layer add interest or distraction? Too many choices!

Then sometimes I come back to the original, paired right down, and I like it with no alteration. This is the base that I am working with, an image from a few years ago. After exploring the thousands of possibilities, I’ve ended up now quite enjoying its space. I often come back this way, a confusion of noise, settled down to a few quiet lines.

I’ll post up the layered versions next time, would be good to hear what you think!


25 thoughts on “Minimum

    1. Oh it would great if this was pencil! I used to make lots of handmade collage but have been much more drawn to digital recently. Would love to see your collage!

  1. It’s a beautiful image! I really appreciate what you say about the process – that return to simplicity is so important. I find I often wind up going through a similar process in my work; part of it is stilling that “monkey mind” that is so full of ideas and wants to express them all at once. And perhaps part of it is seeing the connections develop as we work – how one thing or image leads us down a different, but related, path. Makes the return to simplicity all the more rewarding, sometimes.

    1. “Monkey mind” – I love that!! Oh it’s so true, so many ideas – I get this musically as well, and also in the urge to create music, art, photography and writing all at once..these kinds of images are my attempt to still that a little I think, some pure focus on a scene, particularly these kind, really calms me. I like that about lenses – just one point of attention for a while! Really interesting thoughts Sydney, thanks!

  2. I know what you mean about over-complicating. The hard thing is knowing when simple is best, and when you need to embellish. I think a lot of that depends where you are personally.

    1. Thanks Patti – yes sometimes I feel overwhelmed by choices, it’s good to just rest on something for a while!

  3. Just really love this Cath. I can’t put my finger on what it is that so many of your images stir up. But they seem to share this natural ingredient, something like magnetism and mystery that beg me to stay. I linger over your images a long time. Love.

    1. That’s really interesting Elena, I’ve been working on the collages and I keep wanting to add fossils and cave drawings for some reason!

    1. I agree Karen, it is grounding – taken me many years to realise it! I’m struggling with the collages a bit actually as they just keep wanting me to take away more and more, it’s obviously where my heart lies at the moment!

    1. Thankyou! There is a purple-ness that creeps into the water here as well as those hills! I think it’s in the rock, I love it..

    1. Thankyou! I’m always a bit uncertain to do that as I’m not sure I put things across so well in words and often end up with the urge to delete..:) I’m glad you liked it!

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