20 thoughts on “Ahead

    1. That’s a really interesting thought, thanks Patti – yes you are right, they are somewhere in between. This area has an odd purple colour to the rocks, which gives the stones and water a really unusual colour – that day was very interesting to me as it was daylight but all the photographs had an almost night time quality to them..

    1. Thanks Chris, it was a really unusual light that day, still wonder if I could bring that out a little more..will see!

    1. Thanks Karen, funny I hadn’t seen the earthy-ness in this one, but yes you’re right..maybe I felt it without really realising..interesting! Yes I wonder how it would be larger..

    1. Thanks Emily – I think that whole area has a very comforting energy to it..I was talking about it with a man who comes here for guitar lessons and he said it was like “the Old England” – I think I know what he meant..of course you must have lots of memories there too I’d imagine if you visit a lot!

    1. Thanks Carla, it’s something I’m often drawn to..it’s always humbling to be reminded of the scale of things..

    1. Thanks John – I’m really happy to hear that you can remember them! It’s really interesting to see how different an image feels with different adjustments isn’t it – the hard part being choosing what you like best I think!

  1. Yes, you have given some contrast to the immensity of the space…I feel that it speaks to Time, as well…fleeting and eternal in the waves, the youth, and the rocks and hills. Very nice, Cath…and it’s still a beautiful photo. 🙂

      1. Scott, I’m so glad you felt that sense of time, it’s exactly what I felt too, I wasn’t sure if that came across, so very pleased that you could feel that, thankyou..

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