Postcard Progress


A few weeks ago, I invited people to take part in a small project. Having been inspired by a postcard exchange I had taken part in with Stephen MacInnis in May last year, I wanted to do a similar thing again on a slighter larger scale. And so I sent out a collection of cards that I had printed to various corners of the globe, hoping to hear some news of their arrival.

Here are a couple of pictures of a few of their adventures – so exciting to see them in their new spaces..more to come!


From Exeter, UK to…


Puppy postcard arrived and newly homed with Antoinette in Oregon, USA..




Small trees, sitting happily on a desk with artist Sydney Lancaster in Alberta, Canada..

(p.s. I’ve just seen that Sydney has just posted about this on her blog today too!)









nathan 5_72Exploring all corners in the middle of Kansas, USA, in the workspaces of Nathan Filbert and Holly Suzanne.


Thanks so much to everyone for taking part – this is an ongoing project too, so if you would like me to send you a postcard, get in touch! You can read the initial posts here and here.


10 thoughts on “Postcard Progress

  1. I made a postcard similar to your picture of the puppy postcard about 30 years ago. I think it was in black and white at the time. But It was a phenomenal success, and eventually it was made into a poster. It was sweet to see the same idea after all this time.

  2. Though the trip across the ocean was a bit hard on her, the pups doing quite well here now Cath!
    I so love this idea! Thank you for sharing yourself in such a lovely (& memorable) way!

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