Eyelash Hearts




0540_small hearts_72



small hearts2_72.

I was so excited to see these little flowers shoot out from my eyelash plant a few weeks ago. They form at the end of long spikes, in small clusters.

I’ve had the plant for nearly ten years, and didn’t even know that it flowered, but I moved it to a windowsill recently, and it must have liked it.

These are tiny blooms, about half a centimetre each little heart, so I needed my macro lens. I am working on some in black and whites, as I just love their shape and form, but I couldn’t resist sharing these now just as they are, with their delicate icecream blush..you’d almost think it was Summer to look at them!


© C. Rennie, 2013

22 thoughts on “Eyelash Hearts

  1. Wow, 10 years! What a pleasant surprise! I see you’re making good use of your freshly painted backdrop/wall. Works well.

    1. Thanks Steve, yes it is my longest living plant – I am hoping it is a sign of plant happiness and not a final flourish…!

  2. These are lovely, Cath – yes, as Elena says, your work is instantly recognisable. Love the full-stops between the images too – very nice touch that emphasises the delicacy of the shots.

    1. Oh that’s great, it felt like that for me taking them – very settling somehow. I’m glad it gave you that too!

  3. I’m really late here, catching up on past stuff again. The second is my favorite, and was an excellent choice for your recent monochrome presentation. Very nice indeed, Cath!

  4. I had first seen the B&W version and I liked it very much…But these…These are special…Elegance, delicacy…Like a little fairy whisper…My congratulations…

  5. I saw in next posts their black and white image… They are both so beautiful… so beautiful… The difference between colour and B&W for me like that, in colours standing so real… in B/W like a dreamy…. But both of them like a poetical touches of your camera. Thank you, love, nia

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