The Right Light


0388_H in grey_72.

0413_Bean Drop_72


I’ve burbled on a bit about my love for light in many a post since I started here. It has amazed me just the difference that light makes to a photograph. This may seem obvious, but I truly didn’t quite understand its importance and significance in the mood or feel of an image before I started taking this time to learn.

I have an absolute favourite corner in our house for taking the kinds of shots above. It’s in the corner of our living room, just near a North West facing patio door. All day the light changes there, and makes the most beautiful shades. Sometimes I love to just sit and watch it. It is fascinating how it changes. I have actually moved all of our furniture round to take advantage of this lovely light, so that a table and flat area of wall is there waiting for a picture to form.

I painted the walls of this room a light reflecting grey, not just because I love how it works with the wood and colours we have there but also because I knew it would work as a great backdrop for the kinds of photographs I wanted to take.

Sometimes, a small gleam of sun will reach its way into that corner, and sometimes it just rests in a silvery haze. It is always surprising, and fickle too.

At the moment, light is spare, and I have been struggling a bit to get the effect that I want. But today, it came in and gave me something that felt like the edge of Spring – perfect for these growing beauties, my beans and hyacinth.

Emerging, seeking, the essence of new breath..


© C. Rennie, 2013

20 thoughts on “The Right Light

  1. You’re right Cath, the light is really beautiful in this room. Thanks for the spring images – in the midst of a cold snap here, with blowing snow. Everything’s shades of white, brown, and black just now – has its own stark beauty, but I miss green so much, and growing things.

    1. Oh it really does help, doesn’t it, to see some green! I’ve sort of conned these a bit by growing them indoors – just seeing that little bit of growth each day is very cheering – i just hope there is some sun when they are grown up enough to go outside! Keep warm! (I am envious of your snow however! :))

    1. Thanks Richard – yes I like having different areas all around to do things – although sometimes it’s hard to give your brain a rest from ideas that keep springing when you’re trying to do the ironing or something..!

        1. It’s an amazing colour – it is both warm and cool at the same time somehow – I was worried grey would be a bit depressing but it’s not at all! And it really works for so many types of image I’ve found..

  2. I love this shade of grey I want it in our study! Thanks you for this vibrant green it is so cheering in amongst all this cold and grey. You are so right about light and the quality of it. It is just everything to a photograph.

    1. Thanks Emily – yes at this time of year the mind and body are so hungry for green! This kind of grey would be perfect in a study, its a very reflective colour with a lot of space to it somehow..

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