27 thoughts on “Unknown, Unheard

  1. Dreamy is right. The first one is the most accessible, since it includes the most readily identifiable shape.The last one is my least favorite: it reads as the flattest of the four to me and is simply not as intriguing. However, the middle two have that mysterious, dreamy quality that Elena spoke of. In addition, there is a richness to the colors that seems to come, at least in part, from the grain. Lovely stuff.

    1. Thanks Gary – I was really pleased with that emerald too, I’m glad that you liked it! And yes, there are always a few sides to a shadow..!

  2. I love these Cath. They are otherworldly, impressionist in style and each image stirs up it’s own emotion. Something about the mood and colour palette called to mind some of Whistler’s nocturnes.

    1. That’s such an interesting connection – thanks Emily – hmm maybe some added layers might be interesting..

    1. They are a little like dreams, I hadn’t thought of it that way..thanks – yes, dark and light in these for sure…!

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