New Space









.brush tips_72_L


delicate brush_72


broad bean_72






misty view2_72.

Some of my favourite new corners in my new workspace.

It’s a great space to reflect and learn. I’m setting things out and making a home there.

I’ve added a wall of favourite shots too, to look over slowly.

Today was grey, but misty and light.

It feels good, just now


© C. Rennie, 2013

21 thoughts on “New Space

    1. Thanks Alessandro – you’ve had your fair of rain too haven’t you – Lets hope for a great Summer – the poor plants, animals and humans are sick of rain now!

    1. Thanks so much RIchard, it really had a feeling of Spring that day! Flowers always help remind you too..I just love the feeling of a new page/season..

    1. Ah, thankyou! It was odd as I had tried the same ones a day earlier but it just didn’t work at all, the light was very lucky that day!

    1. It really is a great space to have Shimon, thankyou! Now it’s sorted we’ll probably have to move or something! 🙂

    1. Hey thanks JIm! I do like that too – he has grown a little more now, smells just amazing! I’ve been loving your writing recently btw too..x

  1. How wonderful! Looks like a lovely space for stretching your creativity – the light is really gorgeous. Nice work on the composition of these photos, Cath! And how exciting to see your prints on the wall, and be surrounded by the burgeoning growth … flowers breaking into buds, beans soon to climb … Hooray and congrats!

    1. Sydney, thanks so much for this lovely, energetic comment – I really do so appreciate your words! Burgeoning growth is how it all feels..I love beginnings very much..

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