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I’ve been working hard on my editing skills over the past few months, going over some old photographs and re-working them. I’m amazed at the difference it can make to a shot, showing and highlighting things that were there, but you just didn’t see before.

I’ve been working on this photograph of Rowan, as I wasn’t quite happy with the tones, particularly in the skin. I’ve worked lightly, as I really wanted the look to be natural, but did want to make the most out of the luminous nature of the light that day, and of course her very natural loveliness..

I hope you like the finished (I think) result – thoughts and hints very welcome! There’s a few more on my site too.


12 thoughts on “Portrait work

  1. Hi Cath, I have two suggestions for things to try: The first would be a tighter crop at the top and the left, so that Rowan is looking more into the frame rather than out of it (even if it means cropping some of her right shoulder). The second is to burn in the details of her left eye so that it matches those of the other, even though her face around it is lightened by its proximity to the light source. This could a little more interesting intensity to her gaze without detracting from the softness you’ve portrayed so well.

    1. Thanks for the ideas Gary! I’ll try some cropping again – I did have a try initially but she seemed a little crushed in the frame. I’ll have a go again though, and try some more burning too.

  2. I would be tempted to try to crop it a bit tighter too… but then again I quite like the space around her. I like what you’ve done with it. It’s lovely, soft and natural looking.

    1. Thanks Emily, yes I did quite like the space too,but I might try cropping again and using some space to the right..thanks for the thoughts!

  3. The skin tones and lighting are LOVELY and very natural looking…those couldn’t be prettier to my mind. I love what you’ve done. I do agree with the crop though…having the red carnation near the left border (cropping from the upper left corner, maintaining same ratio) has Rowan looking outside the frame and the image becomes a bit stronger to my mind. Her eyes are gorgeous…I think I’d like to see the pupils and that beautiful darker ring around her irises just slightly more clarified. (All this is being very picky of course!)

  4. I do like it as is, you did well with the skin tones, all looks natural and bright. I would be also tempted into trying the crop suggested above.

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