36 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Where I’m Going..

  1. I adore fog and mist! Nice use of the light here, and the shots are really well framed! *These remind me a bit of Stephen Hutchings’ work – he’s a Canadian painter, who’s recently done these massive, really ethereal landscapes (the series is called Landscapes for the End of Time). That floating light, and the road especially. Worth having a peek!

    1. Thanks Sydney, I had an interesting look at his site. There is definitely a similar flavour there! I’m not sure how painting has crept into my photographs recently, but somehow it seems to have – much more skill involved to paint these scenes though, I can’t imagine how long he must have taken to paint those enormous paintings..! Sometimes I feel a little like I am cheating somehow..!

  2. Beautiful colors. So soft! I love how, in the first one, at first I thought the bones of the tree were coming through in a weird x ray effect, then saw that one tree was in front. Happy T day!

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