44 thoughts on “Leavings.

    1. I’m really glad you thought that too Richard, there was something very..enigmatic.? about them..I’m hoping they’ll still be there when the rain’s cleared as I want to try some more..

    1. What a lovely comment, thanks Patti – somehow a lot of these came out like paintings..I really liked the effect..grey always inspires me, the colours just pop out!

    1. Thanks Karen, the colours and light were just exceptional that day..it’s an endless chase to find the right combination isn’t it!

    1. Thanks Scott, I actually was really pleased with that one too..there is something of the storybook about it that I hadn’t noticed until I got home..

  1. I love mist but we rarely get this nice think foggy mist that you have captured, I really wish we did. I love this pile of branches at the end, I can almost smell the atmosphere.

    1. Thanks Lisa – we do get some spectacular mists, its one of the first things that I noticed in our first November here..it’s really comforting and moving in a way to see it drifting over the countryside. And I’m glad you felt something from those mounds! As I said to Richard, I really hope they are still there when I go back, there was just something about them..wishing you a misty day where you are! 🙂

  2. I see I’ve been away too long, Cath. Nice to be here again, and I must tell you I just love that first shot. What a sweet, serene, melancholy scene you’ve captured! -Gary

    1. Thankyou Gary..and nice to see you again, I really enjoyed my visit back to your world too! Love the words you’ve used there – it felt very much like that to me..glad it came across!

  3. You know, Cath, I haven’t been paying much attention to the internet in the last couple of weeks, but one day I just happened to come across a post of yours, that was called Memories of forests and of growing small, and I thought… when I’d finish my business, I would go back to it… and write you a few words about it. But this evening, when I looked for it, it was gone. That’s a shame really. Though I suppose there is an advantage in having real time communication between readers and writers… but in the old days, when there were magazines and books… and you came across something that touched you, you could usually find it again, in an old magazine… or a book. On the internet, sometimes… something is here for a minute and then disappears ever after. I’ll have to get used to that…

    1. Shimon – I am sorry, it was there, only that I edited it slightly, and for some reason it went to Nov14 instead of 24 – so it was there but snuck a little further down – it is returned to the top now..thankyou for your words, and thankyou for taking the time to consider them..I very much appreciate it!

    2. And I suppose it takes some time for me to realise that people are actually reading my warblings, and notice if they are not there..I’m very grateful for it, thankyou!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “Autumn’s Flowers”. So glad you visit led me here. Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing more. Please stop by my blog again soon!

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