Movement in Orange and Gold



I’ve had too much time indoors these past few weeks, so this week I’ve been more out and about.

I’d been eyeing this pathway for a long while, wanting to explore it. Driving past yesterday, I had to stop.

It was spectacular – blurs and lines of gold, grey and green, air and honey. Apple juice.

Leaf mould, twig, light and star shaped moss.

Crackles that make you jump and turn. Breath a little high in your body. Whispers.

Music, everywhere.









16 thoughts on “Movement in Orange and Gold

  1. Oh lovely Cath! Paths and bowers like this are such magical places, especially in the autumn, when it feels like the land is beginning to hold its breath, waiting. Reminds me of the the river valley where I live, and the ravine out back of my parents’ place when I was growing up.

    1. Thanks Sydney – these kinds of places are very much in my blood too..Your “river valley” sounds just lovely!

    1. Thanks Karen – yes it’s amazing these places we often pass nearby but never explore, I was glad that I did!

    1. Thankyou Alessandro, it was peaceful indeed (with a little bit of fear as always seems to lurk in the woods!)

    1. Oh thankyou John, I was sort of worried they might have built it up too much and lead to a bit of a disappointment when scrolling down…! I’m glad you think not! šŸ™‚

    1. Brilliant description, thanks Richard.. Yes I really know what you mean, you’ve described it perfectly – I love to be there but always feel that sense of not quite being completely welcomed to stay long..I quite like the unnerved-ness though..!

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