More Quiet Work





A lovely quiet time taking these today, although it took ages trying to get a shot I was happy with..and I’m still not totally pleased with some of the focus in a few. I wanted the background blurred but a few more seeds clear..maybe a slightly wider depth of field next time. I may try the lone seeds with the cloth up the wall too – I thought I wanted that separating line, but now I’m not so sure..anyway, it was a good learning day!

I found these gorgeous seed heads in the lane, which begged to be used with the bowl (who still felt he had not had enough attention yet)

Even our lunatic cat chilled out, he was rolling around and watching me all afternoon.


13 thoughts on “More Quiet Work

  1. They are so quiet I can hear a clock ticking…and that’s all. A moment suspended.
    (I like that first image very much; the way the “horizon line” is all blurry and disappears as it travels left. Very effective. )

  2. I quite like the line, actually. Especially in the first shot. Loving the quiet work btw I can feel the calm which is lovely. Am insanely jealous I would love just a day, an afternoon to be quiet it’s never-ending chaos here… still sometimes I manage to find quiet moments 🙂

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