Three Days (Part three) – Thoughts from the Beach..


Extraordinary or ordinary, we know that every experience is fleeting. Moments of true innocence so isolated and rare. Moments that I experience as absolute joy are often embedded with a soft grey  line that recalls to me that familiar grain of the fear of loss. Sometimes I long to make that moment somehow more stone-like and solid, to preserve and remember.







I think that what I felt on the beach this day were ideas, expressions, something from inside leaping outwards, something from outside leaping in..

9 thoughts on “Three Days (Part three) – Thoughts from the Beach..

  1. I think you’re spot-on here, and the quote as well speaks to many of the reasons I am drawn to photography more and more in my practice. There’s always a risk in getting caught up in nostalgia – dangerous ground, that – but I think to completely avoid this in your work, in favour of looking at ephemerality square in the face. The notion that the images can ‘sustain ideas’ is perfect for this, and for your work. WEll done!

    1. And actually they’ve been buzzing about my brain since..! I think you’re right about nostalgia.. it has its place I think, I love to look back..but yes you are right, being aware of ephemerality stops it from becoming a look all ways, forwards and back and also to the sides!

  2. I love your narrative and images, Cath.
    Pictures are rarely just pictures to me. I think there are so many layers of meaning that the maker puts in to them.
    The ‘texture’ of place and ‘taste’ of the experience … It’s all here. Beautiful.

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