Last Night


I went alone to the estuary last night, hoping to catch the moon on the water. The night before, the whole back garden was filled with the most amazing blue light, and I knew I should have gone out to capture it, but I put it off until last night. Well, last night had NO MOON! I just don’t know where it was, but the sky was dark as dark. I waited, hoping that it would clear, but it never did.

I did however capture these lights on the water;  boats, street lights and passing trains on the far distant shoreline. The sounds were incredible, light steel rings against sailposts, odd coo-coo’s of birds, the sucking of insects in the sand. Add to this the gentle warm evening breeze, and you have what was to me a moment of perfect bliss..but I did wish I’d seen just a little of the moons face..






7 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Cath, I love that sound of the metal clinking on the sailing masts. It’s almost meditative. I live near a sailing club and often walk there in the evening, your images make me think of that. Beautiful!

  2. There is something special about the colors of the sky in these photographs. Its rare to get all that in one series (evening). You have captured a boaters lifestyle of freedom on the water – peaceful at night!

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