Old Friends


I found this paint splashed, battered old photograph in an old box recently – I took it of some friends many years ago, and it really brought back memories. What I remember was particularly amazing to me in this photograph is that Janet (right) was smiling. I had never seen Janet smile! So I always felt that there was something special about the moment. And I remember trugging about in my old boots, just looking and catching moments as they flew by…I don’t know if I romanticise, but somehow it felt like that old, inexpensive, heavy camera was closer to my body, more connected to the experience..


4 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I love this picture and all the marks and stains; the wear and tear of time that it displays. It’s history and memory and time passing… and there’s a sense of youthful abandon and freedom about it which is very charming.

    1. Lovely thoughts, thanks Emily – I love that it’s all bashed up too somehow, though I wish I’d taken better care of the camera….! 🙂

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