Picture of a Girl



An image and a song, both of the same title, with slightly different interpretations. I feel like there’s something hopeful about this collage, made from a collection of old photographs..there’s something in there of my feelings, my impressions of the world when I was small – vast, vulnerable, unknowable and yet accepted, going with what odd things come, the sense of wide possibility and somehow always believing in the goodness of things…( I’m not explaining this very well…these things don’t have words, they are felt I think)

Not many have heard this song – it’s yet to make it onto any recording as it just doesn’t quite get on with my others (it’s sniffy like that). Hope you like it!



p.s. if you like my music, you can hear more of it here.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Picture of a Girl

    1. That’s so nice, thanks Richard, it’s a bit of a crazy tune, one of those where you’ve no idea where it came from..kind of the same with the collage! Glad you liked them.

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