14 thoughts on “A Woodland Morning

    1. Thanks Karen, I’m still learning to be able to truly capture how it feels, but it’s great to be out there trying! 🙂

  1. Gorgeous sluicing of sunshine upon this living scene in nature, I was especially captivated by the shot of the grasses and the frescade, though I adore them all. Beautiful!

  2. Cath, the tree shots remind me of images on colour print film – good stuff! I have never managed to get that sort of feel with digital.

    1. Wow that’s a huge compliment, thanks Graham. I do prefer that look over an overly digital clean image. It may be that I used a slightly higher ISO than normal..I experimented too with both over and under exposing some shots, to try and get the best colour..I also tried out different white balance settings – the one with the sun through the trees in particular has had some white balance adjustment in post processing..I’m still learning really as I go along.. I’d recommend trying all the things you’re not supposed to do as well as the things you are!

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