If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you might remember this experiment. I was playing with light, shining objects in darkness and capturing them. I was mainly interested in the black and white ones, like this, but now I’m wondering if they work in colour too. In the black and white images, I added extra layers, but these are just as they were captured..I may work into them more..really you need to see these big, but this is as big as I seem to be able to fit them here.





13 thoughts on “Play

    1. Thanks Karen – good to know you feel the lightness from them..I was trying to get air into the image somehow..

    1. Thanks Emily – yes I can see that album cover thing – people have mentioned it before with a few of my images – maybe it’s something I should try with them! Let me know if you remember the something..!.

  1. These are lovely, and I prefer them in colour – you’ve retained the mystery (as Karen mentions) that you created in b&w but there’s a really clean, new, unique feel to these.

    1. Thanks Richard, that’s really interesting..I think I prefer colour too, cleaner somehow as you say..

  2. I like both versions. Each one is a different sensation. What strikes me at the color ones is the lightness, the sensation of floating, whirling into the wind (of time?). Eerie and beautiful!

    1. What a great description, thankyou – I do agree that for some reason the coloured ones seem to have more air and movement..I wonder why that is?!

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