30 second sketches


I’ve finally got round to trying some 30 second gesture drawing, after being inspired by a post on Notes to The Milkman . 

The idea is to put on some kind of sports programme – a cricket match, football, whatever, pause it frame by frame, set a timer and give yourself 30 seconds each pause to record a short, quick sketch of a players movement.

I meant to do this with the tennis, but I got engrossed in watching it instead! There was no sport on yesterday, so I dug out an old Chi Kung video and used that.

Here are a couple of my efforts..!






They are not the best, I am rusty..but I loved doing it, so relaxing and great for focus. It’s also really useful for helping you to notice the “important” lines..good practice for both art and photography I’d imagine.


4 thoughts on “30 second sketches

    1. Thanks Karen, I was getting into my stride a little more by the end, I’d forgotten how much I love to just sit and sketch!

  1. I adore gesture drawing. A park bench on a sunny day is perfect. I even like doing gesture drawings of trees on a slightly windy day. I find its a pain-free way to learn proportions.

    1. Yes it’s great – once (if!) the sun ever comes out again I think I will head to a park bench too! I love doing this kind of thing by the beach too, peoples movements are so free and great to capture..

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