One more piece that I have been working on.

I have made collages since I was first making artwork – I began with magazine papers and other found materials, but over the years I think I’ve used just about everything in a collage at some point; dried beans, bike chains, coffee granules, sandpaper and mud! Now, I often combine digital imagery with the handmade. Really, I’d like to try and make as much of the work off screen as I can, and am trying to make sure that my photographs are made as much in camera as possible..this one required a fair amount of computer work to assemble however..

This is made from film photographs, scanned illustrations, and found digital images.The black and white photograph was taken years ago, during my first film experiments.

I am endlessly intrigued by layers, lights and colour combinations..here I’ve tried all three at once…

I don’t like calling work “Untitled” but nothing is springing to mind..so for now it is this..recently I seem to have lost all capacity for words..


15 thoughts on “Untitled.

    1. Thanks Susan – hadn’t noticed the art nouveau thing but I see what you mean..hmm it’s almost missing lettering to me now..!

    1. Emily, thankyou, and anytime! 🙂 But really that’s very flattering, your collage was fantastic – you just need a good eye and inspiring materials..go for it! 🙂

  1. It’s really interesting how this image reveals itself, unpacks itself, disassembles itself and then puts itself back together again – it took me three goes to realise there were a pair of feet in there. I think your technique is great and love the way that although this is indisputably dreamy and ethereal it is also rooted in the everyday.

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