Winter Weather Work



One dubious benefit about having a rubbish Summer weather wise is that I do more work!

I’ve been working on layered and digitally collaged images again over the past few months.

This is made almost entirely of photographs, some from my earlier work with shadows, some from photographs taken throughout the year.

I am pleased with how it looks somehow like a painting. Sadly I am terrible at painting, this is the closest I will ever get, painting with light and capture..


6 thoughts on “Winter Weather Work

    1. Thanks Karen! Unfortunately the heat from this picture is from indoor lighting not sunlight..! 🙂

  1. There is something very painterly about this, and it seems quite nostalgic to me too – like something from the fifties. St Ives school? Whatever, it’s lovely. I’d be scared if you could paint as well 🙂

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