Deep in the hills


I have been walking hills since I was a tiny girl..they are somewhere in my blood. Their strength and certainty always inspires and calms. Their moods and weathers invigorate and humble. Their silence reassures something inside of me. I love to sit on a remote rock and listen for the tiny sounds, the birds, the water, the wind. These are my first attempts to capture something of the mood looks like Winter but actually this is our Summer this year..and still every car park sells icecream..






7 thoughts on “Deep in the hills

    1. Thanks Karen, I love it best when there’s no-one really there, and the rain and low cloud do give a great sense of mystery! It’s probably not the best in the UK for climbing, but I’m certain there are good spots there..

  1. Very nice images! I like very much the way you have captured and presented the hills in these photos. Good stuff!

    1. Thanks Steve, really want to practice more on the hills, I glad you think something came across! Tips welcomed!! 🙂

  2. Another hill-walker…bless you. 🙂

    It’s amazing how it gets inside of you, those little sounds, the presence of everything and nothing that simply IS out there…and yes, very humbling, re-orienting, giving perspective to the things that we know as life.

    1. What a lovely comment, thankyou..yes that exactly how it feels to me, something that can’t quite be described, a very profound feeling of belonging and inhabiting a space, and sharing that space quietly..

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