My Favourite Things – Roses





I thought I would do a little series on some of my favourite things, and attempt to capture them all in natural light. So, here is No.1 – a homegrown Rose.

Throughout the Summer, you will often find me with my nose in a rose. I will lean into gardens, through fences and gates, leap across plants in garden centres, just to get my fix of their amazing scent. I love how every single one is different. I love how water hides in their petals after the rain (Raindrops on Roses..must find some Whiskers on Kittens..!) I love their air of nostalgia, their timelessness, a sense of elegance that I will never achieve.

I don’t know the name of this rose – so I will call it…Romantic Blush..! (feel free to be sick)

 This photograph encompasses a few more favourites too – the bookshelf on which these flowers sit was found under an enormous pile of rotting wood and leaves on my allotment, and the vase was found in a great collection of glassware in a charity shop – I love to make new from the old!



Happy Summer!


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Things – Roses

  1. I love your focus (and lack of depth of field) in the first couple of images. What sort of settings did you use?

    1. Thanks Graham – I set my aperture to f/1.4, shutter speed was 100 I think – I was exposing for the shadow so was a little overexposed..and was near-ish to a large window..lots of experimenting! hope that helps..

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