I Hold On To You – Collage work.



Taking part in my postcard exchange with Stephen MacInnis the other week really reminded me how much I love to make work by hand, away from a screen. There are many things that I enjoy about working digitally – lack of mess, and the ability to undo mistakes are two big bonuses! But there is something so real and immediate about working with your hands, and I am always very happy to be drawn back.

I was lucky enough to be given a whole collection of books recently that belonged to my Gran and Grandad. Some feel special, and nice to remember, and I have kept them safely. Others are old and disintegrated and not really of use now as actual books, but I really wanted to do something with them. I felt that the elements of them would work fantastically in collage work. The print for a start is so beautiful, and the pages have aged in a wonderful way that imbues something earthy and real to the printed words. I love the connection to their owners that I feel with these books too, it makes me want to slow down and make something carefully that honours them as precious possessions.

As always, scanning these takes something away from them,  but I thought I’d show you something of the work I am making. Here is one that I finished today..



11 thoughts on “I Hold On To You – Collage work.

  1. I have to agree, there is something very appealing both in making and viewing non-digital art. Interesting that you incorporated sound into your work and I like the repetitive numbers.

    1. Thanks Lisa – a few people have commented before about some kind of musicality being present in my artwork – it must be my musical nature getting in, interesting you spotted it!

    1. Thanks very much! I don’t do this much anymore, though I always mean to..I have seen your paintings, I like them a lot, very strong work!

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