Bodied Blue



This is work continuing on my exploration of shadows and light. I am completely mesmerised by the effects that can be created with both.

I am playing here with light on a wall, shining through objects and glass to create different effects. I was really excited to see how this one appears in the shape of a womans body, almost like an x-ray, and I think that the other shadows that fall bring more feminine lines.

I’m trying to find ways to create unusual images without too much post editing – I only accentuated the blue hues and deepened the blacks a little here, everything else was simply with experimentation of the objects, light direction, and different exposures.

I’m thinking of trying the same thing whilst recording with my super 8 camera..


11 thoughts on “Bodied Blue

    1. Thanks LIsa – yes on reflection I think it was a little too so – have added a little description..!

  1. You are making very lyrical things happen with your shadows — in this piece and in many of your photographs. In many of those situations, the light seems delicate, transient and full of meaning.

    1. Great words, thanks so much John. I’m still learning really, but shadows really fascinate me and seem to form the focus of lots of my shots at the moment..shadows have so many stories and shades..!

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