A Charlottetown/Exeter postcard exchange


Stephen MacInnis


I was thrilled this morning to receive this beautiful handmade postcard from visual artist Stephen MacInnis.

A few weeks ago we agreed on an exchange, and now we both have a little piece of each others artwork in our homes!

I’ve been a huge fan of Stephen’s work since finding his blog here on WordPress, so it was a real joy to do this swap with him.


My card to Stephen

This is the one that I sent in exchange – I wanted to make something handmade, and had great fun with this, both in the making and in the wrapping up, knowing that it was going on a long journey!

(clicking on the image should bring up a clearer one)



Stephen’s card was wrapped and folded, making it really intriguing to open..



It opened out to a great design and little handwritten note inside. I love to see handwriting!


Stephen MacInnis


And on the other side – this!!

It is oh so beautiful and full of life, and has all the elements of movement, colour, precision and energy that I really admire in Stephen’s work. I can’t stop smiling to look at it, and I will treasure it.

If you haven’t already, visit Stephen’s fantastic blog Painter’s Progress. You can read his post on receiving my card here.

I highly recommend exchanging work in this way – whether it is a piece of art, writing, or a photograph, it’s great to make something in this spirit. It’s also rare to receive something interesting through the post these days! You just can’t beat the real thing.


19 thoughts on “A Charlottetown/Exeter postcard exchange

    1. Thanks Richard, yeah it’s great the kind of work that comes out of doing something like this, somehow it gives you license to experiment and be a bit braver..

    1. Thanks Stephen – yes I thought that, though they are quite different, they kind of work next to each other!

  1. I was just looking at this and my 3 year son came over and said, “Pretty! I like that!”. 🙂

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