I can’t stop photographing boat masts. I love their angles, delicacy of line, and the way they create fantastic silhouettes across the sky. I also just love the haunting, ringing sound that they have when the wind strolls through them. I really want to create some work including masts – this is my first attempt.

I’ve learned a lot from this piece of work. Being excited about the idea, I started it in a really disorganised way, by taking each little piece and editing them individually after putting them all into place. I regretted this halfway through as I realised that had I planned it better, it would have taken half the time..! Neck, eyes and mind aching, I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson.. but I probably haven’t..

It was tough to work out the contrast too on this, I have many different versions, all which have different effects..I’m not good on decisions! But I think I’m happy enough with this one for now, and I’m going to try printing it!


7 thoughts on “Strike!

    1. Ah thanks Graham, it is a flaw of mine that I don’t stay with an idea for very long..! I think a few of these beginnings might develop into larger series, this one very possibly..glad you liked it! 🙂

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