Cut Paper Wishes




Just thought I’d post up a few of my papercuts, to brighten things up here a little! ย I wouldn’t exactly say that they are the best work I have ever created, but I love to make these little pictures. They take a very long time but that’s kind of what I like about making them. They sit on my desk, gradually evolving day by day, cut by cut. It’s incredibly therapeutic!

These were all made as gifts for friends and family.

The last one is one I made for my friends wedding. It is the first one I ever did, so it’s a little scratchy and bent around the edges, and part of James’ name fell off…! But I sort of like it for its slightly rubbish-ness. I’ve since found much better paper to work with, this was made using a fine card – I didn’t realised quite how difficult I was making things for myself using it..! (I patched up the name before I gave it to them, and nobody noticed ๐Ÿ™‚ )


8 thoughts on “Cut Paper Wishes

    1. Thanks Lisa – that one was made with the lighter paper, so I could follow my lines more easily!

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