A Calm Moment



Things are very busy at the moment. When I’m immersed in what I’m doing, I find it hard to stop! I have to keep reminding myself to take a break, have a cup of tea, think about it a while, and not push myself to get it done all at once.

Here is a lovely calm place that I wandered home by yesterday. It’s not the greatest shot, but it reminds me of the feeling, hopefully it will transmit over to you! It was a magical, misty day, the sea covered in white and grey, and the air was wet and fresh on your skin..I’m trying to remember the quiet in the air, the gentle way that I walked, and the rising steam off the water..

and relax…

(sort of)



8 thoughts on “A Calm Moment

  1. Oh, we are in the same place, only different. 🙂 Beautiful.

    (Cath, I often forget to eat and sometimes don’t realize I’m freezing myself… I love that creative absorbing space…)

    1. oh yes! I’ve just seen, how funny, both in our white misted spaces (yours much better represented of course 🙂 )

  2. I live near a beach and have photographed it often. I particularly like heavy days like this when the horizon and sea seem to merge into the same substance, and as you say, the salty air layers your skin! I certainly get that feeling from your image! Lovely!

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