I Dreamed


I’m just experimenting here…so I’ve no idea how it looks to you, and forgive me if I’m making lots of schoolboy/girl errors..!

I took some photographs at night, then layered and manipulated the images..this is an adaptation of the second one in the post below.

I’m pleased with how the stairs and window seemed to fit, and I like how the left hand side is a little like an opening book from behind…perhaps the story is escaping..?


(All images © Cath Rennie)

17 thoughts on “I Dreamed

  1. These experiments and journey we take with the lens brings incredible results. This is a nice piece!

    1. Thanks Todd – I have always enjoyed exploring new ways of looking at things – glad you liked it!

    1. Thanks so much Richard, it took a while to decide on the framing, I’m glad you think it works!

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