Journals and Memories

This week, I was reminded of something that I had almost forgotten about – my memories books. I have always written a diary, since I was 12 years old, but I started a different type of memories book years ago, made of collages, illustrations and doodles. This year I hope to start again. I have two, nearly full, books now. The basic idea of them is that whenever something happens, a day, a saying I find, something someone says – if I think is something that I would want to remember, I make a little picture of it – a collage, or just writing, so that it is always there in the book to remember. The pictures are not meant to be great art or anything, they’re just for me, done quickly to maintain the essence of the event. Over the years, I have found reading these books of great comfort. There are always days in life when you feel like everything is just too hard/too sad.. somehow to look through these reminds me that life is ever changing, and that it is made up of lots of tiny moments that can easily pass us by.

This was my first ever entry, in 1997. The writing tells the story really, it was after a party in Brighton, and my new boyfriend and I found this little garden where we sat together on a bridge under some trees. As we sat there quietly, suddenly all the birds started to sing. I don’t know if it was the booze talking, but I felt somehow that it was “a sign”.. A very happy memory.

This post was made during travels in South Africa. The roads were covered in these blossoms, so beautiful, and I collected them from the ground and pressed them. I was having a time of soul searching and had thought that somehow travelling miles away might change certain things in my life – it wasn’t quite working out that way though, and when I happened that day to be reading a book, “I Dreamed Of Africa” ,I found these words – “The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. It really spoke to me at the time, and the words still ring true. You can travel halfway across the world and still somehow feel that you are in the same place. Sometimes the greatest of journeys can happen on your doorstep. I thought that it was an important message for me to remember, and I like hearing its reminder here.

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