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My contribution to the journey of a photograph project..

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tick – tock – tick – tock
step – step – step


I loved the idea of this project from the beginning, over a year ago now. It set a seed, inspired me to look towards from a difficult time, into the future, a place I hoped to reach, to where I am now, posting this.

Sometimes you don’t know why you do, you don’t even know if you can, you just know you have to. You press faith into faith, and hope the meaning will come clear. You keep laying each mark, and trying to build. Through a series of connections, you begin to make up a whole. This project itself is this type of journey, gaining more resonance and a sense of itself as it moves on. Each bone in the spine is essential.

This small composition forms part of what I hope to be a…

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Sketch on Abstract


Sketch on abstract_72.

It seems there are close relationships between music and art. Music is taking my main priority at the moment as I’m recording some new things, writing some others. When I’m in a listening state of mind, I find myself suddenly much more aware of all the sounds around me – I took a walk on the beach today and heard the sucking of water in the sand, the rhythmic crunch of my feet on the stones. I peered into a cave, heard first the drip-drip-drip of water inside it,  and then an odd soft hoot of a bird nesting in the cliff face, somewhere just above me. My favourite sound by the sea is the clicking and ringing of metal against what I imagine must be boat masts – I used to cycle past a group of boats on my way into college in Brighton, when my ears were full of music too, and always loved that sound in the wind.

So I’m feeling like my visual side is slightly toned down, while my ears are’s a little close to madness, being so awake to sound at times, and you need a break!

So I did some sketching. Somehow though I found that music coming out in my fingers as I drew these I think my eyes and ears are working together..can you hear my tune?!


(If you’re on a laptop you might have to tip your screen a little to see this one!)




0568_Orange Jan_72_Frame




0559_dartmoor sky_dodge_72


Probably breaking a hundred photographic rules..but this is how it felt to me..

(Posted one of these a while back but they were due some editing, and I think I like them better for it..)



Dream Fishing


golden fish_72


Sleep just didn’t want to happen in this wild and windy night tonight, so I distracted myself and made this collage.

Layer upon layer of golden fossilised fish..

(this is taken from a scan of a Mene rhombeus, which, according to Bristol University (take a look at their brilliant cabinet of curiosities), is a beautifully-preserved fossil fish from the famous Monte Bolca (or Pesciara) site, in Verona, Italy, from some 50 million years ago!)






I’m working on some new collages at the moment. There are so many decisions to make – how much to include, what works with what, how everything you add creates an extra layer of meaning – does that layer add interest or distraction? Too many choices!

Then sometimes I come back to the original, paired right down, and I like it with no alteration. This is the base that I am working with, an image from a few years ago. After exploring the thousands of possibilities, I’ve ended up now quite enjoying its space. I often come back this way, a confusion of noise, settled down to a few quiet lines.

I’ll post up the layered versions next time, would be good to hear what you think!




1423_Boy Running_dodge_72S


This is a re-worked image from last year. It forms part of a larger series, which I had originally seen in black and white, but I was excited to see what happened to them in colour. Somehow the mood seems intensified to me with the colour remaining..


© C. Rennie





My Home

is in a thousand things

it is where you are

now, soft asleep

it is

where we lay

years ago, moons ago

when we woke up

at the same time in the morning

facing each others eyes.

Before all this

and still now

it groans in the wind of the hills

and in the aching of lovers lost

and it is in the mourning

and in the living

it is down that street

where the cat fought the fox

it is in your legs


on the line

it is in

the growing of things

from warm soil

from seed, that grows seeds

that fly away

It rests abroad, in other hearts, too,

forgotten, sometimes,

remembered, often.

It is in trees, green and orange

it is in leaves, new and fallen

and yes, it is in the wind

on the grasses

here now

stroking the lines from my face

I have always been

more at home

in the small moments

of everywhere


only in one place

and that,

whilst precarious,

is surely


a comfort.


© C. Rennie 2013

Wish that we..


0498_float 3_72


© C. Rennie, 2013












These are mostly unseasonal, but I’ve been amassing small collections of findings from my daily walks for a while now so thought I would share some..

Each day I try to find something of interest in shape, pattern or form, it’s a greatly absorbing comfort!


Journey from ground to sky..



The temple bell stops



but the sound keeps coming




out of the flowers.

(Matsuo Basho)





0814_Caught_Elena4_added wing_final oval_72


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been engaging in some really exciting collaborative work, both visual and musical. I’ll share the musical soon, but today and tomorrow I’d like to share with you work that I have been undertaking alongside the fantastic visual artist, Elena Caravela. Both of us exchanged work, for the other to add to and manipulate, creating something new.

Part 1: Adolescence and Thorn.

I was so excited when a few of Elena’s Bird-Children figures flew from her hands to mine this week, having followed their progression on her blog for several months.

This piece combines Elena’s wonderful watercolour figure and birds from her Adolescence work, with photographic work from my Threads series. On viewing the bird’s inquisitive beaks, these thorns came immediately to mind. There is a huge sense of both vulnerability and defiant strength that sings out from the figure, which I have tried to engage with in this piece. Here we have caught her at a defining moment, in which anything may turn..

It was a great learning experience for me to work in this way, and I really enjoyed the whole process! Travel over to Elena’s blog to see the work that she has undertaken in this project, and her fantastic will not be disappointed.


© C.E. Rennie/Elena Caravela, 2013


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